Address law in Albania: each house and apartment will be assigned a unique code

Albanian Interior Minister Taulant Balla presented a bill on addresses at a meeting of the parliamentary security committee.


  1. Creation and maintenance of a unified national register of addresses.
  2. Assigning a unique code to each house and apartment in Albania.
  3. Regular updating of the address register.

What now

Currently, the addressing system in Albania is chaotic and opaque. Many streets and houses do not have official names and numbers. This leads to confusion and makes it difficult to find the right address. The new law is designed to solve these problems. Each house and apartment in Albania will receive a unique code, which will be registered in the national registry.

This will allow

  1. It’s easy to find any address in the country.
  2. Improve the performance of delivery and mail services.
  3. Make the work of government bodies more efficient.

Balla also said that there will be fines for violating the new law. He called on the parliamentary security committee to support the bill.