Details about technology visa in Turkey

A website has already been developed and launched for the “technical visa” (Tech Visa), but the Turkish authorities have not yet announced the start date of the program.

At the same time, a list of tax benefits, social security standards, including healthcare, is already available.

What is known

  1. The visa will be available to innovative startups and talent from any country.
  2. Valid for three years, you can add family members to the list of applicants.

For whom

The visa for technical specialists will apply to both co-owners and employees of innovative companies that decide to move to Turkey.

A few words about benefits

Those who have received a “technovisa” (and those working in technology parks) are planning to be provided with VAT and corporate tax benefits. The government will also cover healthcare costs. Those employed at the startup will have access to a special consulting service (although what this is is not yet very clear).

The authorities promise to provide assistance in finding suitable office space, communicating with mentors and obtaining advice on taxes. In addition, startups may qualify for national grants.

On paper it looks promising. We are waiting for official announcements about the timing of the launch of the program and the requirements for applicants.