What is the phicenka for

Surely many of you in construction stores met with such finishing material as a phylenka. In this article, we decided to tell you about how it is used in construction and how to choose it correctly. Filenka – a small tape having a different width from 2 to10 centimeters. Such a finish is used to align the seams and hide minor disadvantages, as well as just as an additional element of the decor.

How to choose the right phylenka?

When choosing, try to focus on your wallpaper. If the wallpaper then the phylenka should be stiff and dense, with a thin, the opposite. At leisure it will not be superfluous to learn more about the rubber coating for sports halls.

Try to choose a whole file, which has a large meter, so you can avoid a large number of extra and no one needed sutures. This type of finish is glued quite easily, for pasting you will need the most ordinary wallpaper glue, but it will be better if you use PVA, it is a little more reliable.

When choosing a phylenka for finishing, try not to acquire it in tone, since at the time it stands out, less noticeable, the flaws of your repair are becoming the flaws. Small trick! If you have uneven corners, and you cannot alleged them yourself, then simply pushes them with a phylenny, and start glue the wallpaper from the edges. So your angles will become beautiful, and irregularities are inconspicuous.