Travel insurance: features and some rules

Buying insurance for a trip abroad has already become a habit, especially since the policy is often necessary to obtain a visa. But travel insurance for Russia is just beginning to gain popularity.

Such protection will not hurt, especially when traveling with children, insurers told Rossiyskaya Gazeta and gave recommendations on how to choose a policy and what risks to include in it.

The first thing you need to consider when choosing a life and health insurance program is all types of activities that are planned during your vacation. If the trip involves only leisurely walks along tourist routes, a standard program will do. But for kayaking or mountain hiking, additional risks will need to be included in the policy, experts from Soglasie Insurance Company note.

“Be sure to sign up for the “active holiday” option if you assume that there is a possibility of playing sports, sports games, you may suddenly decide to visit a water park, ride an ATV/scooter, ski, engage in amateur diving, etc. Complete this option in the trip will no longer work,” explained Artem Iskra, managing director of the mass insurance department at Renaissance Insurance. When choosing a policy, he advises focusing on reviews about the speed and quality of treatment.