The arrangement of emphasic space

Иногда подчердачное пространство по своим размерам не позволяет обустроить здесь жилое помещение. But at the same time, here you can organize an additional storage space for rarely used things. To ensure access to such a room, the most successful solution would be the attic staircase Roto. Such stairs can be installed in rooms from two hundred twenty to two hundred eighty -nine centimeters.

This modern attic stairs have a special hatch cover that covers the opening leading into the emphasis. In some models, this lid can be made from a Sendwich panel with a heater, which will protect from heat loss. Such lids must be installed when arranging the so -called cold roof, when insulation is carried out by overlapping under the roof. In different models of attic stairs, the thickness of the lid can vary. The thicker the lid cover, the lower the coefficient of its heat transfer.

Roto attic staircase is very easy to open and laid out using a special telescopic pole. Closing the stairs and hatch is facilitated due to the installed spring mechanism.

In a closed state, the Roto staircase does not occupy free space, as it is stored in the box from the attic. The steps of all models have special anti -slip notons. As an additional configuration, buyers can purchase special handrails for their stairs.