Bottofors are no longer in fashion?

The boots remained and remain the most bold women’s shoes. Although earlier, if you look into history, in Europe, the boots were created for the horseman, and later created, like mass military shoes of cavalrymen. Today the boots have become almost exclusively women’s shoes.

These boots do not lose their uniqueness. They emphasize the harmony of the legs, visually lengthening the legs. Therefore, they remain their favorite women’s shoes. Bottofors make a woman more sexy, impudent. But it is with them that you need to be neat in choosing clothes. Remember this! A woman, wearing over the boots, can look both feminine and gracefully and vulgar, causing bewilderment to others.

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Shoe manufacturers make it different: leather, suede, lacquer, have a high heel and low, platform. As well as different colors, on low and high heels. When making a choice, it is necessary to based on these figures of a woman. If you have enough magnificent shapes and your legs are not too slender, then most likely you will have to refuse the boots. Otherwise, you like a woman risk looking ridiculous. Boots were and remain in fashion.

Experiment with flowers of tissues of boots, select the color scheme of clothing, and you will look incomparable. Do not be afraid to take risks and experiment, and you will always look one hundred percent.