Loosing a house with your own hands with your own

If you do not want to overpay funds for work that you can do yourself, then you can try to sheathe your home or cottage without involving specialists. Where to start? In general, siding is quite practical and inexpensive material, working with it does not require special skills. In order to start the process of sheathing, it is first necessary to carry out work on insulation or installation of the crate.

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This means that a certain frame is installed on the outer sides of the walls of the building, to which the siding itself will be attached in the future. As for insulation, then, of course, it is worth giving preference to non -combustible materials intended precisely for this type of work. The material selected as a heater is installed directly in the crate mounted in advance in advance.

It is not recommended to install vapor barrier between it and the wall, instead you should place a moisture -proof and windproof membrane, which can be fixed with a conventional construction stapler. In order for the facade to ventilate, the counterparts are installed additionally over the insulation, that is, rails are attached to the main crate.