The advantages of bitumen tiles

Roofing – a live -free question for many owners of private houses. Choosing material for the roof, I want to have as much information as possible about each variety. Consider the advantages of bitumen tiles, which many customers appreciated the advantage. Flexible tiles have high heat – and sound insulation, so it is used to arrange the roof of the attic – the noise of rain and the cold with it are not terrible. Bitumen – material that does not rot and does not rust, it is not terrible mold, fungi, rust. With proper styling about leaks, you can not worry. She does not need additional service, as well as updating during operation.

Once using a flexible tile to arrange a roof, you can forget about roofing for up to 30 years. No matter what a complex configuration is a roof – there will be practically no waste in the laying process. Due to its relatively easy weight, does not create an additional load on the rafter system. Simplicity of installation – it is not required for lifting equipment, but with laying can do two people. A variety of color solutions, which allows you to emphasize the aesthetic attractiveness of the building. Low cost in comparison with other roofing materials.