To houses that are built from a galinded log, sometimes you can hear comments that are associated with the shrinkage of this building material. But in order to figure out all this, it is necessary to understand what shrinkage is, what is the impact on its part on the quality of the building and how negative results can be avoided.

First of all, you need to know the differences between the terms of shrinkage and sediment. Sedimentation is the transformation of the geometric shape of the entire structure that occurred as a result of the settlement of the foundation. Shrinkage is the modification of the volume of the components of the house or walls, due to direct drying. Thus, we can conclude that shrinkage is a natural process inherent in structures made of wood. For the most part, the construction is made from a galled log, which has natural humidity. After some time, this log dries, and becomes less in volume. Such galinded logs will not bring big and terrible problems when shrink. And especially if at first some rules related to the operation of a wooden house are observed. It is advisable for half a year to give a house to stand up, and it is better to enter such a house in the summer, when you do not need to be heated.