Association of loggia and rooms

The unification of the room and loggia is, firstly, a redevelopment requiring legal consideration. Secondly, the work does not seem to be easy, therefore, for the most part, it is recommended for contacting professionals. For owners of small apartments, this option for expanding the area of ​​the apartment is common. First you need to lay all the holes and cracks with brick. Then install window sections. Also, for earlier you can purchase a bed from pine and other furniture so that after uniting the loggia and the room is not empty.

Glazing uses a profile with the inclusion of hollow spaces, a two -chamber double -glazed window for high -quality sound and noise isolation. The next stage is the work to eliminate the window and the door of the balcony. Insulation and waterproofing is carried out with special accuracy. The ceiling and walls are insulated with a light sealant, and the floor is a rigid frame. Drywall is most common in the design of the walls and ceiling.

The floor surface can be laid with a parquet board, tiles, carpet or apply modern warm floor technology. A loggia near the kitchen can become a dining room or bar, next to the living room – a home office or a recreation area for all family members. The only inconvenience can be a different level of floor or partitions, from which it is impossible to get rid of.