Several stages of major repairs

One of the most difficult types of repairs is the capital. Such a repair is not cheap. As a result of major repairs, a room is obtained, the type of which is radically different from the previous look. During the repair, a complete replacement of all communications in the apartment is carried out, a designer approach to the subsequent interior design is changing.

The first stage of major repairs is destructive. It involves cleaning the room from old pipes, plumbing and wiring. Then it follows the installation of a new electric and heating systems, water supply and sewage pipes. All communication systems are mounted according to the project. An accurate plan for placing bathrooms and plumbing in them should be drawn up. The wiring and pipes are usually planned to be hidden in the thickness of the walls. For this purpose, the selection of wall materials is carried out. To begin the reconstruction of uneven walls and ceilings, a certain supply of plastering and putty mixtures is needed. Often for the same purposes, drywall is used. Under a layer of this material, you can hide any defect. After replacing the screeds, they begin to design a design project. Having decided on the design of the apartment, it is necessary to choose the necessary finishing materials that will give the repaired room a cozy, residential look