Method of installation of finished equipment

The method of installing finished equipment on metal lining verified on concrete pillows is developed by the VNIIST Institute and applied by organizations of the USSR Mingazprom on the installation of gas turbine plants and superchargers.

Its essence consists in the fact that on peeled with metal brushes, thoroughly washed and treated with a 3%solution of hydrochloric acid, the foundation sites set a special formwork made of thin-leafed steel. The formwork is filled with a fast -hardening concrete mixture, metal lining is pressed into it, which are verified in the horizontal plane and in height. After the hardening of concrete pillows, equipment is installed on them, fixed with anchor bolts and poured with concrete mixture.

To install columns with constructive execution of supports according to OST 26-01-12-70, which provides for the preliminary sealing of anchor bolts in the foundation and gravy of supports with a concrete mixture after installing the devices in the design position, the Hydrochmomontal Institute offered two devices for the formation of concrete pillows in which an anchor The bolt is used as a supporting element (special extension cords are used with anchor bolts for supports I).