Old new wooden windows

In the Soviet years, there was practically no alternative to wooden windows, in principle, no one really cried from this, everyone was satisfied with the fact that it was. Indeed, in fact, wooden frames are a completely normal option for glazing. Of course, they require care and are not particularly resistant to humidity and other negatives, but if you correctly carry out this very departure, then the windows will serve for many decades.

Now, as everyone knows, wooden windows are no longer leaders in the window market, now the main plastic windows are here. It is impossible not to note the growth of the popularity of aluminum profiles. In general wooden windows now it is not sweet, there is a wave of criticism on them, from all the media. This is partly why manufacturers of wooden frames, recently, have reached large movements in production.

So at the moment, wooden windows are already produced, which are practically in no way inferior, and in some indicators they surpass PVC windows. True, such windows are significantly more expensive than the same plastic and therefore, only wealthy people can afford. By the way, more and more often glued beams are used in the production of high -quality wooden frames, so wooden structures are distinguished by excellent resistance to deformations, moisture and other typical disadvantages of all wooden.