Tapes for a long time decorated the interiors of houses, giving them unique features of sophistication and completeness.

And now designers very often in the interior decor resort to the use of these paintings. Examples of such tapestries can be found, for example, on the company’s website of the textile design studio, which are broken, for the convenience of the user on the headings and are presented in large quantities and at fairly democratic prices. A variety of technical techniques that are used to create various tapestries, allow you to beautifully combine colors and textures. The result is amazing ornaments and drawings that are devoid of cheap splendor and create a stylish luxury.

Any tapestry product can skillfully complement the general idea of ​​the interior, or become its unique highlight. Ornaments, still lifes, paintings with landscapes on pillows, bedspreads, tablecloths, curtains or wall panels, harmoniously and uniquely fit into any decoration. And a variety of colors of tapestry fabric for furniture will satisfy the tastes of even the most demanding natures.

An important advantage of modern tapestries is that they are made of natural materials (silk, wool and, even skin) and do not need special care.

The canvases and paintings of tapestries are able to visually increase and expand the room, adjust the proportions of the furniture and drink life -giving beauty, even the most faceless, walls.

When choosing a tapestry, it is necessary to remember one important thing: it looks solid and expensive, only in large, not cluttered spaces.

By decorating your house with tapestries, blankets, panels and other products, you will add even more comfort and aesthetics to it.