Sandra Bullock wants to play with Keanu Reeves again

American actress Sandra Bullock admitted that she would like to play in another film with Keanu Reeves before her death. Variety reports this.

The actors played together in the 1994 film Speed, which won two Oscars. Reeves did not take part in the second part. In 2006, both actors met again on the set of the melodrama “House by the Lake.”

“Before I die, before I leave this planet, I think Keanu and I need to do something on camera again. Even if they’re in wheelchairs or with walkers,” Bullock said.

At the same time, Reeves himself said that he shares the actress’s desire and believes that they have “unfinished business.”

At the same time, both actors admitted that they do not like to remember “Speed” again. Keanu turned down the sequel after reading the script, despite the chemistry between their characters.