Flooring flooring from parquet shields

Parquet shields should be laid along wood lags, 2, 5-4 centimeters thick, 8-10 centimeters wide. They are recommended to lay along a strict way in level, in parallel, the distance between the axes should be 40 centimeters, with a shield size of 80 by 80 centimeters. The shields of such dimensions certainly need to make a support for three lags. Lags must be laid on gas insulation gaskets.

Before laying, it is necessary to assign the locations of the lighthouse rows. By tensioning to each other two cords at an angle of 90 degrees along two walls.

Cords should be fixed at a distance from the walls of 81 centimeters.

Flooring flooring from parquet shields

Along the form of the letter G of the cords, it is necessary to lay shields in two rows. The first must be placed in the corner remote from the exit. Having made sure the laid laying went correctly, the first shield should be beaten with nails to the lags.

In the rims of shields located near the walls, the nails should be driven from above, and the hats will close under the skirting boards. In the edges located from the outside, the nails must be scored by an inclination into that part of the groove that is located below and hide the hats with a hammer.

With the help of a hammer on a wooden laying with a hammer, the shields are raised. This is necessary so that the edges of the shields do not get damage. If the shields do not correspond to the room, then the cut parts must be directed towards the walls. After the flooring is completed, it is worth laying it up or treated with mastic.