Natural and artificial linoleum

Linoleum flooring is popular among home owners. Due to the fact that linoleum can be made of materials of different types, it itself is also divided into several options. The differences between natural and artificial linoleum will be especially significant.

Once natural linoleum was very serious. But today it is used noticeably less, since its practicality is not too great. Despite the fact that its environmental purity is an undoubted advantage of natural linoleum, in practice it does not very successfully manifest itself.

Natural linoleum spoils very quickly, but it is quite expensive. These drawbacks are not present in artificial linoleum. For the most part, such material is made from PVC. Accordingly, it is not dangerous for health, since the environmental friendliness of polyvinyl chloride has long been proven in practice.

If you use artificial linoleum, it will be possible to form a very high -quality flooring in the room. At the same time, you will not have to pay expensive for artificial linoleum. Therefore, it is precisely this option that is used today everywhere. He has a large number of pluses.