Rest with children planning rules

Summer vacation with children is always an adventure. After all, little travelers require a lot of attention, especially in a non -standard situation.

What to do if the plans have a trip to the sea? Experts believe that women just need to plan everything thoroughly, and then even a long trip with small tourists will be comfortable and pleasant.

First you need to decide on the transport – the train will be the perfect option, because the baby will be able to run and run away during a long journey, and it is convenient to sleep. Doctors do not recommend using planes to arrive at the resort – children under 3 years old are generally undesirable to leave the region of residence anywhere, but older children can endure the flight hard. There is another option – auto travel, but in this case, the transport should be equipped with air conditioning and a hiking refrigerator.

The next question is a resort living. To make a competent choice will help the Internet – on specialized sites there is all the information about hotels, their services and cost. Anapa hotels for relaxation with children, for example, offer additional (free) sleeping places in the rooms of the parents, and a special children’s menu in the restaurant. On the territory of such hotels, as a rule, there are pools and small playgrounds, animators work. And recently the service “Nanny for an hour” appeared – parents will be able to take a break from noise and fuss, go on a short walk around the city, retire on the beach.

Do not forget about the possible problems with the health of the baby – you must definitely collect the first -aid kit on the road. It should include the usual drugs (antipyretic, painkillers), as well as antiseptic agents (green, bandages, hydrogen peroxide). Consult a trip with a pediatrician – he will probably give advice on the fight against possible dehydration (in a hot climate, the baby will definitely have a lack of moisture) and natural acclimatization.

Listen to the advice of doctors:

Do not give a child with tap water – it is better to purchase a bottled one;

New fruits, vegetables and any products for the baby should be given to him in small quantities;

Do not visit the beaches in midday heat and generally try to be less often in the sun.

Adhering to the above recommendations, you can safely plan a vacation at sea even with young children – there should be no excesses.