Flooring in a living room

If you plan to carry out cosmetic repairs in your apartment or in the house, you must replace the flooring. To do this, contact the store of finishing materials in which you can choose exactly the type of material that is suitable for flooring in the room. For the bedroom, you can use carpet, which in its appearance resembles a carpet and therefore can be used for decorative flooring in the bedroom.

High -quality carpet has a long -term operational period and affordable cost for the buyer. It is important that you can independently lay the carpet in any room. It is very important that the flooring of the flooring is performed last after the walls and ceiling. It is also necessary to replace interior doors and windows if necessary.

The flooring of the carpet should be carried out in the room from which all the furniture is carried out. Be sure to dismantle the old flooring. For the flooring of the carpet, the surface must be even. If there are irregularities, then use a special putty and a spatula to align the surface.

If the floor is completely uneven, then perform the bulk floors with a cement mortar or laid fiberboard sheets. After that, spread the carpet for carpet, which will extend the life of the material and simplify the work on the flooring of the carpet. Next, spread the carpet on the substrate and secure it with the baseboard to the floor and clean the carpet with a vacuum cleaner.