Square blades plus old sweater

We all know that things made by yourself are much more pleasant to use in everyday life. This also applies to rugs. How nice it is to wrap yourself in a warm blade with a cup of coffee in cold weather in cold weather! How to tie a plaid from squares using improvised materials to make it quickly, without making a lot of effort? Let’s look at several options.

Tie from old sweaters. Everyone probably has a couple of winter sweaters, which we have long abandoned on the farthest shelves of the cabinet. We can assume that their time has come. Firstly, you can free the cabinet for new summer things, and secondly, you can create an original warm blanket that will store the memories of many years. First you need to cut the sweaters into the same squares that you must fasten with a sewing machine. The edges of the resulting fabric can be overpowered or a satin strip is sewn on them. You will need approximately 10 sweaters on one blanket.

Knit with knitting needles. For those who owns knitting needles well and want to create something unique, you can find a scheme on the Internet or in the journal, according to which you can tie your squares. Of course, knitting is a tedious and long process, but the result may surpass all your expectations. Choose warm woolen yarn for your plaid. Squares can be knitted with different viscous, for example, pigtail, pearl pattern, gastard viscous. Thus, you will receive a texture blanket.

Crochet. Many prefer not knitting needles, but a hook. However, to tie a plaid from squares, you will need a corresponding large hook. The yarn should also be chosen as warm as possible. Squares are knitted according to the schemes, and then sewn with threads or binded from the wrong side by crochet.

If you want to know how to tie a plaid from squares, you will undoubtedly visit Internet sites and portals on which you can find pictures, knitting patterns and descriptions of the process itself. Creating your own blanket is a very exciting activity. A beautiful creative plaid will be a great addition to interior design. It is not necessary to hide it in the closet every time. We can casually throw it on the armrest of your chair or sofa, creating an interesting highlight in the decor. Such a blanket can be a great gift for relatives for New Year or Christmas holidays, because in the creation of each square you will invest your patience, skill and time.