Expansion of Yandex Market and opening of new points

The third-largest marketplace in Russia by sales volume, Yandex Market, plans to connect 3,000–5,000 new order pick-up points, the bulk of which will appear in the Central Federal District, Forbes has learned.

Thanks to this, Yandex Market will be able to increase turnover, but so far the service lags behind its competitors both in terms of the scale of presence of delivery points and in the rate of business growth, analysts say

PVZ in the fall is considered

In 2024, from 3,000 to 5,000 new Yandex Market pick-up points will open in Russia, Roman Maresov, head of the service and head of the Yandex e-com department, told Forbes. According to him, the specific number of new points will depend on the growth of the market and the dynamics of the development of the service itself, in particular on the speed of filling free space with the limitation of opening points close to each other. “New pickup points will appear mainly in those regions that are interesting to us. Now we are focusing on the Central Federal District,” Maresov said.

In total, the marketplace has 13,000 pickup points, as indicated on the website. As of March 31, 2024, Yandex Market included 10,000 branded pickup points. The number of Yandex Market branded pickup points did not change by the fourth quarter of 2023, ending December 31. “The Market team continues to focus on the controlled development of the pickup point network,” a representative of the service explained. The opening of new pick-up points “traditionally occurs in large numbers in advance of and during the sales season – that is, mainly towards the end of summer and/or autumn,” the company representative continued. The increase in the number of pick-up points year on year, according to her, will be visible based on the results of the third and fourth quarters of 2024.