The house inspired by aviation

Happy marriage requires communication and compromises. This idea should go not only through such simple things as for example, that you will eat for dinner, but also as difficult as how your house will look. This house contains a large number of husband’s ideas, but you also need to pay tribute to the comfort and natural preferences of the wife. The designers had to work hard in order to be able to please both spouses.

As soon as we get into the house, the first thing we pay attention to the beautiful brick wall, bright blue, a large amount of sunlight, and a classic white color. This beautiful scourge instantly gives us warmth and comfort. A natural element that draws inspiration from the Nordic design, is included in the game with the forest green accent of the wall, as well as with indoor plants, including fern and succulents.

Comics elements that are also traced in the interior of thin and stylish. We see a superhero shield, a rug in the living room, a mask of an iron man. All these elements due to the game of color are not striking, and turn into something practical.

Truly unique things are present in the interior. The kitchen table is stylized under the wing of the aircraft, attracts the eye and gives space an industrial look.

The bedroom has a simple platform bed made of light wood, which easily allows access to storage places at the bottom. In combination with bright blue chests in the living room and cool chrome and magnets, designers used a completely different style for storage places.

In general, a combination of colors, textures and a little imagination creates a house that will not only be convenient, but also unique and reflecting the personality of people who live there, this should be the purpose of any designer.