Buy a chandelier style antique bronze (in the antique style)

When designing an interior, even the smallest decor elements play an important role in the overall composition. What then to say about the chandelier. On this page of our store, lamps are presented, which for centuries have been an integral sign of prosperity and the subject of luxury. We are talking about bronze ancient chandeliers.

Bronze lamps were present in all noble houses and palaces, starting from the 4th century. Then candles were used as a light source, after kerosene lamas, and with the advent of electricity – they were replaced by the bulbs that are familiar to us.

In the XX century, the antique chandeliers made of bronze began to meet less and less. The classical direction in the interior was replaced by new ones: constructivism, New art, modernism, high-tech, where there was no place for luxurious lamps.

And only in the 21st century with the advent of glamorous trends, bronze lamps were again at the peak of popularity.

Buy an ancient bronze chandelier is like making a long -term investment, since such a thing will not lose relevance over time, will not deteriorate, will not get sick and will serve as a decoration of the house for many years.

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