Office for a decorative brooch

Another master class from our craftswoman Infi. A beautiful decorative brooch that everyone can do and thereby decorating wardrobe items and their own image!

We need: thin fabric, dense fabric, for the base, decorative tape, beads of different sizes and colors, fasteners.

Step 1. Cut 2 strips of thin fabric (you can chiffon). We string in the middle on a thread and collect in an accordion.

Step 2. Connect the edges of the fabric, giving it the shape of a flower. Sew the workpiece to the circle of dense fabric.

Step 3. We also act with a wide ribbon. But in this case, we do not sew the edges together.

Step 4. We proceed to the assembly of our brooch: by the middle of the sewn chiffon, we fix the bead with rhinestones. Next, fasten the tape from the edges. Decorate the brooch to your liking. For example, in the center we sewed a bead with rhinestones, and in a circle expanded with beads under pearls. We sew the pin in the back and fasten it on the clothes.

This technique is perfect for a brooch of any style and for any outfit. It all depends on imagination.

A brooch can be worn not only with a cardigan, but also with any jacket or dress. Sew yourself such a little thing for the New Year and surprise others!

The site administration expresses gratitude to Infi for the next master class, copyright photos and a detailed description of the manufacture of decorative brooches!