My history

The wedding of my old friend was planned. And as always, preparation for this event affected everyone without exception. And on the other hand, how not to participate in such an important event. After all, but a friend still. In general, there was plenty of time and everyone went about their own business. Everything was quite successful and the fast celebration began to feel in mind not only the unrest of the main people, but also the constant concern for the wedding to go to “Hurray”.

In principle, all points on the organization of the event were performed in the best way. Limousine, registry office, city trips, banquet table.. It seems that they have not forgotten anything. But somehow, just a day before the entire ceremony, my friend calls and with “joy” reports: “And who will shoot us?”. This is where it began.. All the familiar photographers and operators called, but each was busy for personal reasons. One arranged a week’s vacation, the other went abroad.. anyway. I had to climb the Internet with the hope that a free photographer may turn up. I went through not one . And there was no bounds of my joy, because I found exactly what I needed. The quality and professionalism of employees of this company was perfectly shown in the proposed portfolio. That it’s not a photograph, it’s like a picture. And the prices were quite arranged, given the fact that the result promises to be just magnificent. I immediately called the contact phone number indicated on the site and that evening I agreed to shoot. Having clarified all the details, I already called my friend in the hope of reassuring him that the video and photography were arranged.

The wedding was held at the highest level. The photographers had time to catch curious and funny moments during the feast. As for the photo of the newlyweds themselves, they were sincerely surprised and amazed at where I found such masters. All captured material was original and edited. And I was doubly pleased when my mission in the life of my best friend was “excellent”, thanks to the guys from Nine Video. Soon the boss is at the anniversary and I already know exactly who will shoot the “festive compromise” for employees of our department.