What spirits to choose?

In the life of a modern woman, there is a lot of trouble, in a row, with everyday work and study, she should remain irresistible. The wardrobe corresponds to the last trends of fashion, the hairstyle is neat, the makeup is impeccable. The main and final stroke of your image is the aroma. The modern industry of bulk perfumes offers you a huge selection of smells, in various forms. Remember this countless army of bottles with spirits on, rampage of flowers, shapes and brands.

Here’s a question and surfaced by itself: what perfume to choose? Everyone knows that during the day the sharpness of the sense of smell is changing. The most sensitively in the morning, further along the descending by night. There is one technique so as not to make a mistake in the sequence: morning – awaken, day – play, evening – intrigue, night – seduce.

That is, in the morning it is best to use perfumed water, always light, fresh, flower, berry or citrus. These fragrances are also suitable for sports and outdoor activities. For example, on the site, you can choose from a huge assortment of bulk perfumes exactly the fragrance that is best for you

In the afternoon, most women spend at work, you are surrounded by a team, therefore, during the day the perfume is better to choose the average in saturation, without complex trains and compositions. Think not only about your taste, but also about the people who spend most of the day with you. The classic of any brand is perfect here.

The evening of the start of the start of actions, add insolence already on the way home, you may no longer think about your colleagues, leave them a hint of your rich life, rush from work from the bottle on the collarbone, and this will not go unnoticed. Saturated, tart, sweet, floral, spicy everything you wish, the evening of your expression.

And finally, night, time is languid, heavy, complex aromas. If you spend it alone, you have absolutely nothing to use perfumes. If you have plans, remember the following: at night we use perfumes without props. We apply to 2-3 points on the body, do not be completely soaked in them, since all kinds of veils and elixirs have a very saturated smell. We need to achieve a shadow of aroma on the skin, this will be quite enough.

Whatever brand you choose, which store you would go to, which site you would not go to the online store, remember your perfume is not just a pleasant smell, this is the aroma with which you associate with others, it is you that you create the impression of about yourself.