Boomerang pillow give your back rest!

Many of the readers have these lines. If it does not hurt, it very often gets tired, because there are many reasons for this: high physical activity, stooping, professional activity, old injuries and so on.

Of course, I want to relax, but it is sometimes difficult to achieve the proper result even sitting or lying down – because the desired comfort is not provided.

As a result, pillows beat, blankets are curled up, huge money is spent on special orthopedic chairs. Although in most cases everything that is necessary for unloading muscles and spine is to have an anatomical product in the house as a boomerang pillow.

No, it is not necessary to launch this sleeping affiliation, as is done with their formidable weapons. The pillow got the name for the resemblance to the boomerang its shape, and only – otherwise it is soft, pleasant to the touch and a very healthy thing for health.

And very high quality, since its St. Petersburg Esper factory produces – the company produces a number of orthopedic products that are unchanged by the population and have high grades of specialists from medicine.

How a bumrang pillow helps rest your back? Everything is very simple – it is enough to put the product under the lower back, and comfort will be provided at least when sitting, at least when lying. You probably put something like it under your back: pillows were crushed or the blankets tucked. This feeling of discomfort and subsequent convenience is especially familiar to pregnant women and those who have already visited the role of future mothers – they are constantly uncomfortable to sit and lie down, since the load on their backs is enormous. So if you have a “pregnant woman” in your family – here is the idea for an important, necessary and useful gift.

More information about the product can be seen on the official website of Esper. But it’s better to look at the “Health Philosophy” portal – there is material about the pillow there, and you can contact the e -mail, phone or skype with consultants, and you can touch the thing with your hands if you visit the project exhibition hall.

By the way, if you care about the health of the pregnant daughter, sisters, wife or colleagues, then pay attention to the pillow for the whole body, also produced by the Petersburg factory. The product is unique, with a lot of advantages and giving unforgettable comfort during rest. Pleasant dreams and – be healthy!