We mount a panel ceiling

Panel ceiling is an optimal output for people suffering from eternal leaks from the upper floors.

It is performed quickly and relatively easy. The only time -consuming procedure, in all this venture is the beginning – the fixing of the suspensions.

The suspensions for the ceiling are fixed with lines. Between the lines is no more than a meter. Between suspensions a distance of no more than 60 cm.

Suspensions are fixed to dowel-gvo. To do this, it is necessary to drill holes in the ceiling. It is easier to do it using a perforator.

Когда подвесы закреплены, к ним подшиваются деревянные бруски, толщина которых 2-2,5 см. The panels will be later shifted to these bars, but first you need to carry out a new wiring for built -in lamps.

Before sewing the ceiling, I recommend checking the strength and correct connection of the electrical system.

If the lamps are in order. We sew the ceiling.

Cut each panel in size and attach to the bars using a construction stapler. At the location of the lamps, cut the holes and stretch the wiring.

The edge of the panel ceiling can be fixed with small cloves.

Along the perimeter, the ceiling is finished with a ceiling polyurethane skirting board, seal the joints and cracks.

We insert the lamps. The ceiling is ready!