Woodworking compounds

Before applying the last layer on a wooden surface, which provides the coating for a long service life, the tree needs to be processed with special primers. In terms of visual and technological properties, these compositions are divided into transparent and full -scale. To spray the compositions, you need to buy a sprayer that you can buy at the given link.

In order to make the right choice of primer, it is necessary to rely on the tree breed and on the conditions for the further use of the coating. To protect the internal composition of the tree, where it is necessary to maintain the structure of the fiber, it is necessary to apply a transparent primer of deep penetration. Full -powered primers are also useful to protect the inner layers of the tree, but they have a large clutch with the surface and are often used as the base for paint or enamel. To protect wooden products from a destructive humid environment, ultraviolet rays, fungal formations, rot and harmful insects, special compositions and impregnations are used. A transparent film has a soft structure that will not allow the surface to burst or go down, and its transparency will highlight the woody pattern. Palette Palette is diverse and beautiful. Often in the form of decorative protection, glaze is used. It has plasticity, retain wood from rot, and with the help of tinting will emphasize the color and texture of the surface. All compounds are applied with a brush, roller or spray gun.