Concrete rings for wells

You can change linoleum in the apartment yourself, this process is laborious, but not complicated. First of all, it is necessary to free the room from furniture and things, make the necessary measurements, even better draw a plan, it is useful to buy linoleum.

If the old coating is even, you can lay a new one on top, it will make the floor softer and warmer. If the old linoleum is puffing and does not lie evenly, it needs to be removed. Tear off the plinth, it is better to replace them too. Buy linoleum in the store, they will help you choose the best option, depending on the right size. Do not forget that the width of linoleum is different, it is better to choose a whole piece, if desired in the store they can open it for you. Spread the finished sawn -off shotgun in the room and let it lay down. If it increases in size, not scary, cut in the right places.

It is not necessary to use glue if you lay linoleum in a small room or if it lay down with one piece. If you use several cuts or the area of ​​the room is large without glue. Switch between individual fragments, cover with cold welding. It is very important to leave 1 cm between the wall and linoleum, then it will not go in waves.