On the wall of my bamboo

We will talk about bamboo wallpaper. This is a natural and environmentally friendly product that imitates a bamboo stem and having a wide color scheme. Take a bamboo wallpaper carefully. You can cut them with a hacksaw for metal, but experts say that a circular saw with a fine -tooth disk is much easier and more convenient. The surface to which the bamboo will be glued should be dry, without whitewashing and any exfoliating materials.

The corners of bamboo wallpaper are not wrapped, for such purposes there are special corners (external and internal).This type of wallpaper is only glued. Any obstacles found here (heating pipes, switches and sockets) must be taken into account before the sticker, and make the necessary holes on the wallpaper even at the preparation stage.

We took into account everything. The wallpaper was measured and cut off in size. Conducted fitting in problem areas, and you can proceed directly to the installation. For these wallpapers, water -based glue is not suitable. We chose the glue of the brand of the BF gently smearing the back of the wallpaper, and let the glue soak and dry for about 10 minutes, and with this time a thin layer of glue, spread the wall.

We take a sheet of wallpaper, apply it to the wall and press it, leading on the wallpaper with a soft rag. The wallpaper plate must be correctly glued over the first time, such wallpapers cannot be tolerated by the fidget and any deformation. The next plate we glue the joint to the first and so on. Then we glue all the corners with corners, and we finish the work with the installation of skirting boards.