What flowers will be relevant for March 8?

Since ancient times, flowers have conquered human hearts. They can be seen at almost any holiday. It is natural that quite often flowers become an integral part of different holidays. And on March 8, they are of particular importance.

It is rightfully believed that everyone can arrange a holiday of flowers today. To do this, just decide on the bouquet or ask the florist to create some new masterpiece and arrange delivery.

Giving flowers is easy and simple!

You can give flowers today without even leaving home. For the convenience of everyone who would like to give flowers as often as possible, special sites are created, thanks to which the delivery of colors is not limited to the boundaries of your city or region, but becomes possible around the world.

Thanks to the services of such delivery services, such as the Madame X flowers salon, you have a unique opportunity to please any native or close person with a magnificent, aromatic and unforgettable bouquet. Such a service is especially relevant on the eve of such a spring holiday as March 8, when every woman on earth is waiting for a bouquet and a note with warm wishes.

The most relevant flowers of the spring season 2014.

Experts tried to form a top – 3 of the most relevant flower of spring 2014. According to the forecasts of specialized specialists, it is these flowers that will be real hits of sales for the International Women’s Day around the world.

The formation of a top of flowers took place taking into account the significance of the flower in different parts of the world. It can be said with confidence that those flowers that either have a rich history or deserve such love of a person that festivals, processions and other significant mass events are in their honor.

Mimosa was in the first place.

It is generally accepted that this flower can feel crafty women, therefore, when they appear, the leaves fall in the mimosa. In France and in the mimosa they are honored, also in Cannes, arranging the February festival in honor of this flower. In 1880, its appearance was marked, fascinating all the inimitable aroma. From Cannes, the distribution of mimosa on the railway route began first to France, and then all over Europe.

The second place was taken by hibiscus.

Hibiscus is considered one of the most beloved on the islands of Fiji. There is a day of fiery hibiscus. A bright procession runs through the streets, in which beautiful girls take part. One of them is chosen by the queen of flowers.

Third place was the favorite of all women Rosa.

Rose is honored in most countries. Paris celebrates the day of roses. And in Bulgaria, the queen of flowers is especially revered, believing that the rose portends happiness. There is a legend according to which the meeting of two people among roses promises eternal love. One of the most colorful is the rose festival in Kazanlak. It is carried out in early summer. People come out in costumes of ancient Greek, Roman, Thracian times, and fall under the rain of rose petals.

Whatever flower you choose for the bouquet, you are sure that it will bring a lot of joy and cause a sincere smile of delight from the addressee. Give flowers, and with them unreal joy to those who are dear to you.

And if you want your bouquets to speak instead of you and for you, you will be interested to know what each of the modern colors means: