Joint disease

So many joints of the joints are concerned now. Unfortunately, this is the main reason that prevents a person from fulfilling a full rest somewhere in the mountains or just in his country house, especially if it is on the onset of heat, when such diseases, as luck would be, are very aggravated.

What are the reasons and how to treat? The first reason, of course, is malnutrition. In order for the joints to function normally, a sufficient number of microelements should come. Therefore, if in nutrition there are not enough beneficial substances, then the body begins to take them from both tissues and joints. A drug like a magnesium Helat can help, buy on the site that you can at any time.

An important point is a sedentary lifestyle. The joints have a special lubricant fluid, which is produced due to physical exertion. Accordingly, if there is not enough movement, then oxygen does not enter the tissue subsequently that the exchange process does not occur. As a result, the joint is simply erased, because it lacks a lubricant.

The third reason is a violation of blood circulation in the joints. Since blood circulation is disturbed, the joint tissue is destroyed. Subsequently, what the pains appear. The hormonal, immune and nervous systems also affect the condition of the joints.


Arthrosis. As soon as pain and swelling appear in the area of ​​the elbow, knee, spinal joints, without hesitation you need to begin treatment. Arthrosis consists in the wear of articular tissues. If you start the disease, then the joints are deformed subsequently.

Arthritis. Most often the disease subsequently occurs injury or infectious disease.

Gout. This type is directly related to stress and malnutrition.

Rheumatism. Progresses slowly, but then it is very difficult to get rid of it. Appears against the background of suffered stress, infectious disease and reduced immunity.

To prevent such a disease, first of all, there should be a balanced diet, which will be rich in the number of minerals and vitamins. Must be present in nature, moderate physical activity. In order to get the required amount of micro – and macro elements you need to eat cheeses, vegetables, fish, fruits, greens. Ultable compresses and rubbing will be. During the disease of the joints, a rice diet is used because rice perfectly draws salt from the joints.