Design of a two -room apartment

Families of 3 and even 4 people often have to be content with two-room apartments due to the high cost of housing in the modern market. If desired, a two -room apartment can be turned into an ideal room for life. Today, osteochondrosis is a widespread disease. Therefore, many people are interested in the treatment of osteochondrosis.

The first step is to decide on the redevelopment of the apartment. If the family is not too big, then the kitchen can be combined with one of the rooms. As a result, you get a living room-studio, the space of which can be divided into zones of the living room and kitchen zones using arches, Japanese curtains or furniture. In a small -sized apartment, it is necessary to use all meters as practical as possible, and therefore a loggia or balcony can be converted into an office or an additional bedroom. If desired, you can make a loggia and a continuation of the kitchen. In such cases, we must not forget that all these rooms need additional insulation. In addition to standard glazing and insulation of the loggia, a warm floor should be used. If a family with two children lives in a two -room apartment, then in the nursery you can save a place with a two -story bed. As you can see, it is not difficult to make a two -room apartment suitable for a large family, it is just enough to adhere to these simple tips and to use your imagination as much as possible.