Method of hydromechanization of earthwork

It should be noted that the moisture content of the soil in its natural, occurrence, as a rule, is close to the optimal. Therefore, the seal should be carried out immediately after pouring the soil, preventing it from drying out in the heat or waterlogging when raining.

Giving the beasy of proper density can be achieved by vehicles (cars, tractors, scraper) in the process of erecting embankments, or special sealing machines.

When caring for soil on the embankment of cars with the correct one, adjusting their movement over the entire area of ​​the embankment, with uniformly pushing the soil and dividing it with bulldozers with a thickness of 10-15 cm thick from three to four passages of the machine, one place can be quite sufficient for soil sealing.

When caring for soil by trains of a wide or narrow rut, with a locomotive traction, a sufficient seal of embankments is obtained by sequential movements of the rail tracks along the entire width of the embankment and layout of the soil of soil with dumps or bulldozers or bulldozers. The thickness of the layers of spraying for loams and clay should be prescribed in the range of 0.5-0.7 m, sands and plant soils-0.7-1.0 m, sands, gravel-sand and gravelly soils-1,0-1.0-1 , 5 m.

When the soil moves with scraper, tractor caterpillars and scraper cylinders, soil is compacted, which may be sufficient at three to four sinks one place with a thickness of 0.2-0.3 m thick and uniform distribution of tractors along the embankment width of the embankment.