Wooden house – dream and embodiment

Own dwelling is the limit of dreams of many. A place where you can come after work or arrange cozy gatherings with friends … It is especially pleasant if all this does not happen in a city apartment in a noisy metropolis with not always adequate neighbors from above, side and obliquely, but in your own wooden house in nature. Building your own home is a responsible business. It is necessary to find a good plot, prepare it, create a project of a house, find a decent developer to purchase quality materials … It is difficult to realize all this without experience and knowledge. It is better to trust professionals. Companies with a good reputation should be selected examinably. As a rule, a high level of professionalism and decency are visible immediately. Firms with experience work with competent architects, designers, contractors. They do not take money for any service, offer to save, for example, to compile an estimate of future construction or create a layout of construction. A option is possible with the choice of a ready-made design solution. Conscientious performers do not overstate prices, but do not underestimate, offering the “golden mean”. At the same time, the implementation of different planes and volumes of work is proposed: from simple design to “turnkey” construction. At the same time, only Russian citizens who have the necessary qualifications and documents will work on the sites.