About numbers and forced ventilation

According to strict scientific data, rooms in frame houses are required to ventilate 0.5 – 3% longer or more often than wooden or brick buildings without cracks.

If you translate these numbers on time measurements, then to minute ventilation of the premises in a brick building, it is necessary to add 1-2 seconds to ventilate the frame house in science.

Whether the ventilation supply and exhaust forced installation is required for this process? To say the truth, no. Therefore, when they broadcast about the need to install ventilation in Canadian buildings, for some reason they are silent about the minute of ventilation of rooms in buildings built from any materials.

The question of ventilation device is asked to many. However, according to the fact repeatedly verified in practice, the current system of forced ventilation is not installed in the frame house without fail. Ventilation can and often need to be provided with cheaper and simple means.

Yes, you can install a forced ventilation system. As well as buy a built-in vacuum cleaner or climate control. Useful and convenient thing, but not mandatory. In developed countries, for example, in Canada, residential buildings are not built without it. But in our conditions they allow you to do without them. In rooms with high humidity, and this is bathrooms and kitchen, depending on the conditions, a forced or natural hood is established. For the rest of the rooms, ordinary ventilation is enough.