Houses from aerated concrete Modern building technologies

More and more Russians prefer to build houses from aerated concrete. At the moment, classic materials for construction, such as wood and brick, are inferior to aerated concrete blocks in quality and pace of construction. Cellular aerated concrete blocks today are most in demand. They have excellent technological properties and advantages that in the past managed to achieve only with a combination of various materials. Aerated concrete blocks have such a unique feature that it can be given to any form, so you can fully reveal your creative potential.

For the construction of country houses, ready -made blocks are used, which are fastened with a cement mortar. For note, one block weighing15 kg. able to replace 8 bricks, the total weight of which is more than 35 kg. Ax concrete blocks can also be sealed using construction glue. This method allows you to achieve maximum accuracy of linear sizes. As a result, the built house made of aerated concrete is in no way inferior to a monolithic structure. Experts say that a house erected from aerated concrete may stand without decoration for a long decade. Despite this, it is still necessary to plaster, paint and lick it with brick.