Ways to avoid heat loss in the house

Miser pays twice. If we talk about the insulation of the house, these words can be paraphrased: if you save on building materials and thermal insulation, then all saved tools and even more “eat” the heating of housing.

Indeed, through the unscarried roof, the building loses up to 30% heat, through poorly fitted windows – up to 15%, the loose door “releases by will” up to 7%. The numbers that should be thought about.

With the insulation of the door, the situation is the easiest. You can install a double door and overtake the doorway with a sealing profile.

As for the windows, they should be ordered in a reliable company working with a quality profile.

But having solved the issue of heat leaks through the door and windows, the problem of heat loss remains. We need the thermal insulation of the roof. Using polystyrene foam, the thermal insulation of the roof turns into a simple process with an excellent result.

Polistyle stoves are very easy, so they do not weight the structure at all, and thanks to their heterogeneous structure, they are almost 98% of the air locked in polystyrene capsules. Hence the magnificent thermal insulation properties also follow. In addition, polystyrene foam does not require additional waterproofing, since it does not absorb and does not pass moisture. And the low price makes this material one of the most popular heat insulators.