About the new motorcycle from Great Wall: updated design

The first-born of the new Great Wall brand, called Souo Motorcycle, will be a large cruiser with an eight-cylinder boxer engine. According to ITHome, a prototype of the motorcycle was personally shown to selected bloggers by the head of Great Wall, Wei Jianjun.

The design of the two-wheeler is vaguely reminiscent of the flagship Harley-Davidson models, including, for example, the Electra Glide tourer. The official premiere of the cruiser is scheduled for May 17.

According to preliminary data, the Great Wall motorcycle is based on an adapted Honda Gold Wing chassis, although it is noticeably different from it in appearance – the appearance of the as yet unnamed new product is made in retro style with smooth contours and an abundance of chrome. The engine, which Great Wall calls the largest boxer motorcycle in the world, is also built on the basis of a Honda block. At the same time, it is expected that the engine will receive a number of design differences from the Honda GL engine, which will be expressed not only in the number of cylinders. The engine displacement is expected to be 2.0 or even 2.4 liters.

Wei Jianjun previously said that he himself has been a fan of motorcycles since 1984 and still has his first two-wheeler. In his opinion, a motorcycle brand within Great Wall will increase the emotional value of the brand. The concern began exploring this area several years ago, and now, apparently, is ready to release a whole family of motorcycles, although Wei Jianjun admits that Souo Motorcycle will, in fact, become a manufacturer of large toys for adults.