Sports facilities in the Rostov region

In the Rostov region, before the opening of the global football competition, which will be held in 2018, it is planned to reconstruct seven stadiums, said Minister of Sports and Physical Culture Yuri Balakhnin.

Restoration work will be carried out at the stadiums of youth, Olympus, SKA and Lokomotiv in Rostov itself, and the Ermak stadiums in Novocherkassk, Tagpedo in Taganrog, as well as a sports complex in Azovo will also update.

About eight -four million Russian rubles will be allocated for the repair and equipment for the repair center for the sports equipment warehouse, about one hundred and thirty -four million will fall for each object for each object.

Funds will be allocated from various budget sources.

Sources of financing for reconstruction of sports Rostov structures

The Lokomotiv stadium was planned to be repaired for the funds of sponsors, but it was ultimately decided that it should be transferred to the property of the Rostov region. Currently, the preparation of all the necessary documents on the allocation of funds for its reconstruction is underway.

Earlier, Lokomotiv belonged to the Russian Railways enterprise, but in the second quarter it was decided to transfer the regional balance. The championship participants will now be held at this facility.

Each stadium will become a decoration not only of a sports nature, but also by the attraction of the surrounding landscape. All design work is aimed at creating unique structures that meet all the requirements of a modern mass facility.