Glass wallpaper in your house

Today, this material has all the possibilities in order to supplant their paper relatives from the market. The techno for not the first century solve the problem of strong, beautiful, environmentally friendly wallpaper, most likely this process lasts since the very first wallpaper began. Who could imagine that once from the glass they would begin to make wallpaper? We are not talking about an elaborate and unusual version of the interior, but about a very beautiful and practical product, which after some time will become one of the most popular goods.

Today, a similar finish will meet in a variety of places around the world. By the way, we are not talking about such a novelty as it seems at first glance. This type of wallpaper appeared 20 years ago in the West. The source material was glass. The fibers are stretched at a temperature exceeding a thousand degrees, and the yarn of different types and thickness is formed as a result. As a result, we have a dense fiberglass fabric, which has the format of the canvas, and can be made with the most bizarre patterns and drawings. You can make additional effects-if you give the coating any color. As a rule, the structure of glass wallpaper is heterogeneous. There are main threads in the canvas – there are noticeably more than others, due to this you can create different reliefs.