A few tips on the decor of the walls

In decoration, much attention should be paid to the walls, since it is they who make up the general view of the room. For example, in the bedroom everything should be light tones that do not tire the eyes and contribute to relaxation. You can use wallpaper with non -core patterns or choose a large drawing, but again, discreet. Stucco molding will look very luxurious. For the decor of the bedroom, you do not need to rely on a variety of colors. One or two shades are enough. But in the children’s room, the variety of colors will not be superfluous, children love everything bright, so feel free to create a design using wallpaper of bright colors. The main thing is not to overdo it so that the child does not get tired, since, for example, red and purple color irritatingly act on the psyche with long contact with them. And one more nuance: it is desirable that the wallpaper be washable, because young children simply love to draw on the walls. As for the kitchen, it is better to choose there "Cold" color, namely blue, blue, maybe even gray. And it’s good if the wallpaper is not too bright, since otherwise they will quickly pollute. Perhaps these simple tips will help you decide on the choice of color for decorating walls.