Houses made of metal -stone structures are very strong and reliable

They can be collected using the help of self -tapping screws or welding. Metal -stone houses are durable. In front of wooden houses, metal -rocks are distinguished by the lack of shrinkage. And how everyone knows metal parts are not subject to decay. Also a huge plus is that such a house can be built in the shortest possible time. This method of erecting houses begins to gain popularity. Also, this method is also very cheap. Conducting the construction of cottages in Kyiv, they also use building materials as for the construction of metal houses.

The frame of the house is metal, outside and from the inside this is not visible. The metal frame is closed with sandwich panels, and from the inside-GKL slabs or others you like with materials. Since frame construction is carried out using light and thin -walled structures, they are still called LSTK. LSTK is completely fireproof material. The construction of metal structures is carried out using a special thermaloprofil. This material is good for temperature changes. The houses of their such material come out very warm and dry, they are no different from brick or concrete houses.