Additional insulation of the loggia

Usually, glazing is used when warming the loggia. It can be very diverse. But the most popular are glazing with plastic. It is both beautiful and convenient, and very effective. Plastic does not require special care, painting and other features in operation.

In addition, it is necessary to insulate the remaining space. Now manufacturers are offered a wide variety of materials. As an additional insulation, you can use penopol in the form of a roll. This material consists of foil and foamed polyethylene.

You can also use staple fiberglass, polystyrene foam. Such materials do not have great thickness, so they will not take a lot of space space. The most affordable material is foam, it is non -combustible, environmentally friendly and easy to use.

As the perfect material for additional insulation of the loggia, extruded polystyrene foam can be advised. If you use plastic windows with double glazing and polystyrene foam, you can achieve very much efficiency.

For heating, you can use an infrared heater.