Review of building materials for the construction

First of all, before starting the construction of a mini farm, it is necessary to accurately decide on the type of pets, which will continue to dwell in this room.

For pets that are resistant to frost, it is not necessary to build particularly insulated structures, walls laid out of a cinder block will be the most suitable option. As for animals and birds, on which frosts act adequately, to keep these species. The mini farm should be warm and not produced.

Concrete floor, slag block walls, lack of ceiling ceiling. When choosing concrete, it is very important to pay attention to pigments. The roof covered with asbestos slate, this design of a mini farm is ideal for animals such as large and small cattle, fur rodents.

As for birds, then in such a building, geese and ostriches will feel great in winter.

For the construction of the insulated mini farm, such building materials as, light concrete for the foundation of floor, gyumoblok, shells, foam concrete or aerated concrete for the construction of walls, wooden beam, shawl, woody chips for ceiling ceiling, wooden strap have been needed. Ruberoid. Asbestos slate, or Andulin, for the installation of the roof.