Specialization and cooperation in construction

For example, the joint work of the design, construction organizations and industrial enterprises of the construction industry for the design and implementation of industrial units and complexes, as well as the unified sections of buildings, made it possible to increase the efficiency of capital investments.

Of no small importance belongs to experimental construction. It makes it possible in practice to check the technical and economic indicators of new volumetric and planning solutions, the feasibility of using the enlarged nets of columns and the pods, prefabricated armored and reinforced concrete intensified structures, new structures of industrial buildings, etc. D.

Wide experimentation avoids mistakes in design, often expensive to the state, boldly introduce progressive volumes-planning and constructive solutions into construction practice.

One of the most effective forms of social division of labor is specialization. The degree of specialization in the national economy depends on the level of development of the country’s productive forces. However, increasing the level of specialization in any industry of the national economy should always be determined by economic expediency.

In construction, with huge volumes of construction and installation works, in the implementation of which a large number of workers and construction machines are involved, the specialization of construction organizations is of particular importance.