Tesla sales in China fall sharply amid market growth

Tesla sold a little more than 67 thousand electric cars in China in April. According to Automotive News, this is 18% less than a year earlier.

At the same time, in general, sales of electric cars and hybrids in China increased by 33%, and the results of Tesla’s Chinese rival, the BYD concern, increased by 49%.

Tesla sells Model 3 and Model Y electric cars in China, assembled here at a gigafactory in Shanghai. It is noted that compared to March of this year, sales fell by 30%. Some of the cars from this plant are also exported, but how the situation in China affected Tesla’s success in other countries has not yet been clarified.

The BYD concern, which previously competed with Tesla for the title of leader in electric vehicle production volumes, was able to sell 312 thousand cars in April. However, this indicator takes into account all BYD models using new energy sources, which in China means not only electric cars, but also plug-in hybrids. BYD sales increased year-on-year by 49%, and compared to March by 3.5%.

In total, about 800 thousand electric cars and hybrids were sold in China in April. Overall activity in this segment of the Chinese market decreased slightly compared to March (by 2%), but it exceeds the results of the same period last year by 33%.