The marriage when laying tiles is eliminated in 24 hours

If damage in the form of cracks, dents or curvature of seams to builders must eliminate the marriage during the day when laying tiles of granite. The Housing and Public Utilities Department decided to maintain and clean pedestrian roads, Izvestia reports.According to the new resolution, cleaning and sweeping pedestrian places will be performed, 2 times a day, and washing once a day. Paving stones will be watered in the heat. In winter, snow from the sidewalks will be cleared immediately after snowfall, and the snow that falls will be taken out in 24 hours. Contracting organizations are required to commit the entire territory twice a week. Repair and replacement of granite tiles is carried out by those contractors who put it. The previously concluded agreements will include additional conditions on the basis of a new resolution. Anton Buslov (expert of the enterprise) reported that many funds were invested in the device of pedestrian territories. He made a proposal that it is necessary to establish the deadlines in which the contracting organization is obliged to make a pedestrian repair for its own funds. Gordeev Dmitry Lawyer of the Economics of the City Foundation stated that the payment for the performance of work is carried out in parts, first give an advance payment, then for the work performed, and the last 20% after the guarantee was completed. The authorities must control the laying of tiles so that the contractor initially captures it qualitatively. The tiles will be very carefully checked, where there is a large accumulation of people, for example, during events or children’s holidays. The event of an original event for a child will help