Advantages of cork floors

To date, cork floors that are created from cork wood are becoming more and more popular in construction. Such a floor is suitable for rooms of completely diverse functions, for example, for a children’s room, because the surface of such a sex is not slippery, but soft, while the edges are warm, which allows you to walk barefoot without the slightest inconvenience. The structure of the material resembles a honeycomb, so the cork floor is a wonderful heat – and the sound insulator, at the same time endowed with magnificent shock -absorbing properties.

The list of advantages of the cork floor does not end there, it has excellent antistatic and bactericidal properties, excellent resistance to fire, such a floor does not contribute to the combustion process.

Camping floor is usually produced in the form of a variety of tiles that differ in options for execution. There is a gender on glue, where the coating can be glued to the base completely, and there is a floating floor, usually such a floor has no contact with the base, and even with parts of the structures of the house and room.

At the same time, the floating floor also differs in the method of installation of tiles. It happens with an adhesive connection of tiles among themselves, as well as with flawless. The first option involves the connection of the grooves and spikes of neighboring panels, while the flaring option is designed to use tiles, which are equipped with additional profiled grooves. These grooves act as castles with which tiles are connected. Such a floor can be easily disassembled and folded in another place.